Co-Sleeping | Yay or Nay?


Becoming a mother to 2 months old baby and having an exclusive breastfeeding equals frequent nursing day and night. For me, having my baby sleep next to me is way easier than having her to sleep by herself in the crib. I tried once with my older son when he was her age but he never wanted to sleep alone in the crib at night and only sleep by himself in the crib during the day time nap. And so with Naomi I just took the wagon and avoid the hassle of trying to put her to sleep in the crib.

There are actually different types of co-sleeping, such as: bed sharing (which is what I use currently), sidecar arrangements, different bed in the same room and child’s welcomed to parents room when needed which is letting the kids come to parents bedroom at night after overnight sleep in their own room (this might work for older child).

Having to be on the same bed with my baby helped with my nursing schedule and also makes her sleep more. A night time nursing is still needed during the early days of a baby because they still need to nurse every two hours and by having her sleep so close to me means that I could immediately nurse her before she is fully awake. That said, I don’t have to go all the way to the next room to pick her up with a chance that she is fully awake from crying, but instead I could immediately pick her up as soon as I hear noises and comfortably sits on my bed and nurse her while she is still half asleep. I did tried to nurse her in bed with a sleeping position (me in a sleeping position), she can do it but since afterward we both ended up sleeping directly without me burping her, I found that sometimes she got difficulty in breathing or throw up. Therefore, if any of you decided to co-sleep on the same bed with the baby, please remember to always sit while nursing and burp your baby before putting her back to sleep.

Sleeping on the same bed is also a way for me to bond and maintain relationship with my baby, especially in less than a month I will go back to my daily work with an 8 to 5 working schedule.

However, I must say that with such benefit comes some consideration such as:

  • There’s a possibility of difficulty to wean your baby, particularly for breastfeeding babies, because they are familiar with the smell of the milk hence they almost always wakes up repeatedly at night time for long nursing.
  • With a baby in the bed, parents will have less quality time alone together to catch up with their life and let’s not talk about our sex life. If that happens, make sure you make the effort to plan some time alone with your spouse because belief me, that spontaneous time will never come.
  • If you have your baby to sleep together, it might be harder to persuade her to move to her own room because she already built such dependent to us the parents. But most kid, happily move out once they are ready.

So before you decide to co-sleep with your baby, make sure you do these first:

  • Discuss with your partner, remember the consideration I mentioned above regarding your quality time together.
  • Check with the baby, if you found your baby get all fussy and reckless while sleeping on the same bed, probably that’s not the best situation for you to be. She might want to sleep on her own comfy crib.
  • Check for the safety of having a co-sleep on the same bed. I found this useful tips from

Now that you’ve read my post, what do you think? Are you going to co-sleep with your baby or not?