Where Have I been + Pregnancy Updates

So probably some might be questioning where have I been the past couple of months. A lot has happened, mostly fun stuff. Starting from April where we had our annual family vacation (will put on a different post soon), and then the re-marriage of Bowie’s father, and just coping up with our current pregnancy (now 35 weeks).

Gak kerasa udah nyaris waktunya ngelahirin, meskipun udah nyiapin beberapa barang dan baju untuk kelahiran si kecil tapi kayaknya masih ada beberapa barang yang perlu di siapin.

In terms of our pregnancy updates, here are some of the highlights:

  1. Sejak usia kehamilan memasuki 30 minggu otot perut mulai terasa meregang dan mudah cramping. Kata dokter ini masih normal, asalkan tidak diikuti dengan rasa mulas berlebihan ataupun kontraksi yang terus menerus.
  2. I almost got hospitalised for a day, karena tiba-tiba perut terasa sakit dan dilakukan CTG (CardioTocoGraphy) untuk memeriksa kondisi jantung, kontraksi dan gerakan si adek. That day I took three times of CTG since morning until dawn. Resulted in: lack of movement from the baby. Diagnosa awal kekurangan oksigen, tapi setelah diminta kembali keesokan harinya untuk melakukan another CTG dan sudah diminta tidur miring kiri serta tidak banyak melakukan kegiatan fisik akhirnya si adek mulai responsif lagi terhadap rangsangan untuk bergerak.
  3. Karena berat badan si adek di perut sempat kurang, dokter menyarankan untuk mengkonsumsi susu ibu hamil (pregnancy milk) dua kali sehari pagi dan malam.  I picked prenagen in vanila flavor. Syukurlah setelah dua minggu mengkonsumsi dengan telaten akhirnya berat badan si adek sudah sesuai dengan usia kandungan.
  4. Di usia kandungan 32 minggu, posisi si adek masih sungsang (a position where the baby’s head is still not where it should be). Tapi kata dokter ini juga belum jadi suatu concern karena si adek masih bisa berputar-putar dengan kondisi badannya sekarang. Kami masih akan dipantau sampai dengan usia kandungan memasuki 36 minggu untuk tau bisa tidaknya melahirkan normal nanti.
  5. Nafsu makan besar, tapi perut gak muat banyak.
  6. It’s getting more and more difficult for me to just walk for 10-15 mins because I get exhausted easily.

Well, that’s about it for my 30 to 35 weeks pregnancy updates. Please be sure to comeback to my web for newborn list essentials and our annual family vacation post.

Thank you for coming and I hope you’ll enjoy.



Gender Reveal


Currently I’m 24 weeks in pregnant and just recently we had our professional 4D screening. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because I had an unsettled heart, where half part of mine willingly to accept if the baby turns out to be a boy, but the other half part wished and desperately wished it to be a baby girl.

So when the day comes for us to find out what the baby gender was, I get a bit anxious and start to questioned “what if…what if…”.

But I do already love the baby inside, so I finally thought, “Dear, I don’t really care what gender you will be. As long as you’re healthy then I will be very pleased to meet you my dear baby”. And so with that in mind, I follow through.

That day, my mum and Rama also come to the clinic for the 4D screening. Bowie was a bit nervous himself, considering he was also wanted a baby girl. And so the doctor started the ultrasound and there she was. Yup, I said “she”. Because the doctor told us that the baby is going to be a girl, one healthy baby girl.

I almost cry out of happiness, and the others seem to feel the same. Something funny though happened, when Rama saw the 4D screening he immediately said “oh how cute, there’s a baby alien in mummy’s tum”. Hahahaha, he couldn’t really see the face of a baby, and instead he thought the baby was an alien. All of us started to laugh, even the doctor and the nurse.

In case any of you wondering, I did my 4D screening with dr. Yudith at Sam Marie Hospital which located on Jl. Wijaya I No. 45, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. The cost for a 4D screening was around IDR 900 thousand. The procedure itself took only 30-45 minutes but you get a thorough check.

22 Weeks of Pregnancy Update


Hi there!

It’s been weeks since my last post, and I wanted to share with you my pregnancy updates.

So I’m currently on my 22 weeks of pregnancy, and thankfully this third pregnancy is way much easier compared to the other two. Possibly due to my job changes, from an external auditor from a big four auditing firm to an accountant with an 8 to 5 working hours.

What makes it different, you might ask? The major differences, definitely the working hours. While I was in love with my previous job as an auditor, I find it very difficult to maintain an 8-9 total working hours a day because you have deadlines, clients, meetings and so on and so on. That affect the quality of my lifestyle and definitely changes my hormones. If you may read my older blog in blogger, than you might already know that my first pregnancy wasn’t successful and I lost my baby-to-be after being pregnant for six months. The reason back then was coagulation of blood, or blood thickens, followed by positive ACA (Anticardiolipin Antibodies).

With my second pregnancy (Rama) this ACA blood test was also comes positive. I had to take extra medication to make sure that I don’t have any blood thickening while pregnant with him so he can be deliver. However, the chance of premature labour was more than 50%. And yes, I delivered him a month earlier than the expected due.

Moving on, with my third pregnancy I was pretty sure that I will have a positive ACA blood test but turns out I didn’t. And I wasn’t feeling comfy about the result so I asked my obgyn for a re-test after my 16 weeks of pregnancy. Miraculously I still proven wrong and resulted in a negative ACA blood test. I was so happy to find that test result and thankful for my health. I now have a chance of a full pregnancy with lower percentage of premature labour.

I guess taking care of yourself while being pregnant and before you are pregnant will result in your overall pregnancy.

My advice to you who are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant is to always look after yourself. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, enough sleep, moderate exercise and spent time with your loved one. Because all that will become the essentials in forming your pregnancy.

Being Pregnant Again


Look what we have here, a picture of my baby-to-be. Finally we took the visit to my gynecologist on Monday and had the ultra sound check. The baby was indeed growing in my tummy and I was immediately having the butterflies out of anxiety and the excitement of being pregnant again.

Yes, I wanted to have another baby for as long as I can remember, but the idea of having a hard pregnancy and a 70% chance of premature delivery sometimes bother me. However, as soon as I saw the tiny glimpse of life inside of me, I fear not of any of those matter.

So what else is better to prevent bad things to happen, then with some preparations. I came up with a list of things I need to do to prevent any mishaps and just enjoy my pregnancy while being spoiled by the husband and my soon to be  5 years old son.

  1. Drink 2-3 liter of water every day. One of the reason why I needed the special attention during pregnancy is because of the hormonal changes which leads to a thicken blood flow. My doctor recommend to take as much liquid as I can (preferably no less than 2 liter a day) to avoid the blood coagulation.
  2. Exercise moderately. Since I can’t be too exhausted as well, the perfect exercise for me is to walk. My daily goal is to have at least 1,000 steps or 1 km per day.
  3. No fast food and/or junk food for the whole 2 years. This is especially hard for a KFC chicken lover as me. But my previous hematologist ordered me to avoid any such while on pregnancy. He actually prefer it to be banished totally from my food chain. But since I am a KFC lover (this is not an ad post by the way), we agree to at least avoid such food during my pregnancy up until I finished breastfeeding (at least the first year of “ASI Eksklusif” (exclusive breast milk feeding).

Those were the top three things I should always remember in order for me to keep a healthy pregnancy. Although there are still some other things I need to avoid such as: raw meat, raw fish (no sushi for a while), no caffeine, avoid smoke, avoid x-rays, and so on and so on. Gotta keep this baby healthy and so am I.

So how about you, are any of you also in your first trimester of pregnancy? Are you also having some difficulties like mine? Would love to have your comments and maybe share a bit on your progress so we could have a good talk.

Until next week!