New Mum and Baby Essentials

Maybe the title might confuse you a bit since I’m no longer a new mum, but I am a new mum to a new baby :p

Moving on, this time I would like to share with you what I think are essentials for being a new mum or just having a new baby in the house. A bit of disclaimer, I am not paid for advertising any of these items and this is just something I personally use and feel helped with. So let’s start!

  1. Breast pump – Again, I tell you breast pump is important especially if you decided to breastfeed you baby. I bought the unimom automatic breast pump and used it since Naomi’s birth and has not yet found any trouble. It even helped me boost the quantity of breast milk since it’s able to expressed in a thorough way.
  2. Diapers – I personally don’t use the washed diaper and instead used the disposable diaper instead. I know some might think it’s a waste, but for me and the family it’s something more convenient. And if you are like me, I suggest using Pampers Premium product since it’s softer than the usual. Yes it’s a bit pricey compare to the usual Pampers, but with my daughter I find her sleep more comfy than using other brand.
  3. Nursing apron – Having to breastfeed my daughter, I sometimes need nurse in a place with no nursing room. And I don’t bring with me a bottle of expressed milk since I don’t want to waste any stock at home, so I need to just do it whenever she’s feeling hungry. However, I am not the type to just open my shirt and nurse her in front of others. I don’t think that is appropriate. So I invest myself in a pricey apron which I got from Mothercare. I believe it is called Victoria Sling Nursing Cover. Why I choose this product you say? One, it’s huge. I could fit all of my chest area and the side as well so I don’t feel worry someone might take a glimpse. Second, the material is soft and warm yet cool as well. Very much comfortable for the baby and me.
  4. Baby sling – I use “Kain Batik” though. Because with my previous birth, we received quite a few of this “Kain Batik” and it’s better to use that since most of the time my nanny will be the one using it. I prefer to hold her directly without using any sling. Although I might re-consider this since she’s already 6kg in just 3 month.
  5. Baby pushchair/Stroller – Highly recommend this. Because whether you’re a working mum or a stay at home mum, this thing will be your best friend especially during the mall visit or just having some nice walk around the neighborhood. We bought the Silver Cross stroller from Mothercare as well, and so far we are liking it. It says that it could fit up to a 25kg child which is GOOD ’cause sometimes the big brother prefer to sit in the stroller while the baby is being hold.
  6. Bouncer with mobile toys – Naomi just love being on her bouncer while watching the TV. Yup, you read it right. She likes to watch TV. I know it’s not good, nor does it healthy, but she occasionally enjoys looking at the screen and I don’t know…she seems to really liking it *for now*.
  7. Onesie pajamas –  I especially LOVE the onesie from Mothercare. Because they are made already with a build it mittens that can be open if you prefer so. I put it on right before bedtime at night, because she sometimes like to scratch her face and I don’t want to risk her poking the eyes with those sharp nails. This is a very handy product if I may say.

That’s about it. My top 7 essentials product. What about you? Do you have your essentials that I might not yet mention above?