Being a Full Time Working Mum vs SAHM


Oh my God how time flies. It feels like just yesterday that I took the maternity leave and now in less than a month I’ll be going back to work. I have never had an issue with being a full time working mum before, especially that I already have my first child and I’m still going to work up until Naomi’s birth. Yes I’ve experience separation anxiety with Rama, but that only happen for a while and not long after I was already caught up with work, and even doing overtime.

I love him very much, but never have I had this urge to switch off from being a full time working mum to a stay at home working mum. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m giving Naomi an exclusive breastfeed compared to Rama that has half and half with formula. The bonding now feels bigger, tougher, and it tickles my heart just to imagine the days that I will spent in the office without hugging or kissing or nursing her in my arm.

But to really jump off the building and take the step as a stay at home working mum (SAHWM) is something I’m not quite sure yet. Here’s why:

  • Being a SAHWM means I don’t have the comfort of a regular monthly paycheck, which also followed by no more company’s privilege on medical insurance, annual holiday fund, annual bonus, and retirement plan.
  • I’m afraid that if I choose to work from home, say open my own online business shop or selling food, there is a 50% chance (maybe more) that the business will fail. And with two children (a baby and a toddler) I just don’t know how we could afford their school fund without any job. It’s something I don’t want to risk.
  • Will I regret the choice one day and by the time I want to go back on an office work, I’m no longer qualified no suited since I’m already behind others curriculum.

However, there’s also some positive side on being a SAHWM:

  • I get to be with my kids and never miss even one of their development milestone.
  • I can focus on my blog and youtube channel for a hobby (and probably make it my full time job and earn a little bit of money from it)
  • We could lower the bills from having a personal nanny for each of our child and instead I could take care of them myself.

So I don’t know…both side are quite equal if you ask me. And as much as I wanted to be a SAHWM I just don’t know when I’ll be able to take that big step. Probably in the next five to ten years from now? I dunno. What I do know, is that I’ll cherish each and every little details that I can take from spending the time with both child and hope one day God will show me the way.

What do you say? Do you have a thing or two that might make me switch side and decide to be a SAHWM for real?



Family Annual Trip, Legoland Johor Bahru – 14 April 2016


Finally, our annual family trip that we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Yippie! The excitement is over the moon, because for the first time ever we took Rama on a trip abroad. This year destination was to Malaysia and Singapore. Rama was so thrilled to know that we are going to Legoland, he even had already checked some of the Youtube vlog to find out what type of games he’ll be taking on our trip.

Since our first destination, and if I may say our ultimate destination is to Legoland at Johor Bahru Malaysia, thus the moment we arrived at Singapore International Airport we rushed ourselves to the luggage area and look out for our chartered driver. Luckily they sent us Toyota Innova which can accomodate all four of us plus the heavy luggages (forgot to mention that my father in-law was joining us for the trip).

It cost us MYR 2.155 for a night stay which included breakfast, airport pick-ups, and two days free entrance to the Legoland Playground and Waterpark for one children. We did bought additional tickets at the hotel which turns out to be cheaper than buying it directly from the ticket booth. We spent another MYR 180 per person for two days pass at the Legoland playground and waterpark because it wasn’t included in the hotel basic package.

There are three types of room to select, the pirate theme, kingdom theme, and adventure theme. Since Rama likes to watch some pirate cartoon on Disney Junior, it was obvious that we picked the pirate theme room. No need to worry though, cause the room was not scary at all and it was quite spacious. It does says that the room can accomodate for 3 adults and 2 child.

I definitely love the room and the bathroom (unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the bathroom). But it was cute, with a touch of personal water sink for the kids so they don’t have to use our sink hihihihihi

Next, the theme park. It was awesome!! We didn’t take the ride for bigger kids, but the place is enjoyable. My advice, come here during non-school break. And don’t bring any plastic water bottle or they’ll ask you to throw it away. But you can bring your baby’s food and drink (milk) if you need to. Coming back to the topic where I say it was best to go there during the regular time and not during the school break, because it was freedom!! My friend at work once come to Legoland during the school break and boy did he and his family suffer from the heat and the lack of chairs. Not that Legoland didn’t provide enough chairs, but it’s because the number of visitors that was probably too much.

For us however, it was a blast. We didn’t have to queue for too long and we get to see the park thoroughly. Rama definitely love it and already asked us for another trip to come back there.



So that was it, our family vacation. Didn’t get much picture while staying in Singapore, because mainly what we did there was just shop shop shop or dine dine dine.

Until next time!

Visiting Saung Apung for a Family Lunch Break

Nice Fish Pond
It’s been a while since our last visit to Saung Apung. The last time we came here was to celebrate Rama’s 4th birthday with some families and cousins. But here we are, again visiting Saung Apung for another relaxing break. This time we get to sit in a bungalow and right on top of the fishing pond. Rama was super excited! He can’t wait to get himself a fishing rod and catch one to take home. Here you need to pay Rp2.000 (around USD 0.15) for one pax of fish lure. Quite cheap since the pax can satisfy your fishing hunger for ages, like literally long enough to make you bored if you’re not in to fishing that much. It really depends on how you do your fishing and how patience you are waiting for your bait to get caught by the fish, rather than taken by the ducks or accidentally drop from your rod. We were all enjoyed the time spent there while watching Bowie and his father tried to catch a fish for Rama. It wasn’t easy to catch one since our bungalow spot had some un-invited visitors, Mr. and Mrs. duck.


Bowie was quite determined to catch some fish though, even my father in-law was getting in the mood and starts to tell a bit of his younger time while fishing in the sea. Teeeheee…I think he might bring Rama and Bowie to the sea if he’s still in to fishing. Thankfully he’s retired from those days and now prefer a still water like a pond which is easier and less risky than the sea. I would definitely prefer fishing in the pond. I don’t really like the idea spending the night at sea on a boat. It spooks me out.  

Fishing Pond Bungalow

By the way, you need to take off your shoes though to sit in this bungalow. My advice, keep it simple on the shoe preference. You don’t want to look silly wearing a boot that’s hard to take off and end up sitting in the corner of the bungalow with your feet lay down.

Fishing Time

Overall we were having fun at Saung Apung. Even though we didn’t catch any big fish (the only fish Bowie caught was a thumb size fish that we think will be wiser to put back in to the pond).
Hope you’ll have a blast weekend.

Horse Riding Time @ Giant Bintaro

Last weekend we went to Bintaro Sektor 9 which is a half hour trip from Jakarta. The reason why we came there is because we heard of a place for horse riding in the city. It’s not common to ride on in the city, usually you’ll have to go to Puncak or Bandung or Bogor.

So off we go for a morning trip and went to Giant parking lot in Bintaro. At first I was a bit hesitant and worried that there might not be any horse to ride *that will surely dissapoint Rama*. But once we enter the parking lot, I was in a relief. There were plenty of horse to pick. From the small one to the big one. Black, brown, white, blonde, you name it.

Since it’s Rama’s first time on horse riding, we decided to pick the little horse for him. His name is Bilal, a 3 years old horse that likes to eat grass and tofu *hmmmm*

The cost for one lap ride is Rp10.000 (less than a dollar), cheap eh? And they are open from 7am to 5pm every day. But the track is also very short. So one ride doesn’t satisfy the child curiosity and it doesn’t match the effort on getting there on the first place. We then asked the jockey to give us for another lap. My advice, if you’re thinking of trying for a ride with your child, then maybe you could negotiate with the horse jockey and ask for an hour or half an hour package. Then you’ll get a good bargain and satisfying horse ride.

Horse Riding Bintaro1 Horse Riding Bintaro 2Horse Riding Bintaro 6 Bintaro Horse Ride1 Bintaro Horse Ride 2 Bintaro Horse Ride 3 Bintaro Horse Ride 4 Bintaro Horse Ride 5

The Weekend Getaway @ Trans Studio Bandung



It’s been a while since the last time I posted something here. Nothing beats the hectic of the first trimester of the year. Especially when you have to deal with the process of Year-End audit. But enough of that, for now I’m going to share with you my family weekend getaway to Trans Studio Bandung (horaay!).

If you haven’t heard about Trans Studio Bandung (TSB), it’s somekind of an amusement park but is place indoor. You can check their website on

The entrance fee during the weekdays is a lot cheaper compared to the weekend. It’s Rp 170.000 during the weekdays (USD 13.28) and Rp270.000 for the weekend (USD 21.10). Even so, I think it was well worth. Because by paying such an amount you can then play and enjoy all of the games and/or shows that are available inside TSB.

My most recommended thing to play is the coaster ride. Even though I’m a chicken for most of the other games but trying this coaster ride feels like a must. The track wasn’t that long, so to be honest the ride feels just like a second and then it’s done. But having to feel your brain yelling and your mouth yelled even harder during the last minute of facing the dead-end trail feels utterly amazing. Sorry though, I didn’t took any picture of the ride. But I did took some other pictures while watching the show of Kabayan theatrical show.














Celebrating Rama’s 4th Birthday at Saung Apung

Last week we had a chance to celebrate Rama’s 4th birthday with some of the closest family member in a Sundanese Restaurant called Saung Apung. It’s reside in Vila Nusa Indah II, Jl. Campur Sari III blok GG-1 Jatiasih, Bekasi. If you asked why we picked this place, the answer is simple. Good bargain of food, and a fishing spot.

Rama had always love to fish, and with his birthday he wanted to share experience with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents about what he love to do. So we invite some of Bowie’s closest family member and mine to join us for lunch in Saung Apung. Since the place is located in a residential area outside Jakarta, we had to become a host slash guide as well for my family since they don’t well reckon Jatiasih’ area.

We did had some delay from waiting for the others to come, but thankfully our reservation was not canceled after an hour late of departure (they have a 3o minutes of arrival upon order terms and condition).

If some of you are familiar with a Sundanese Restaurant, than what I’m about to mentioned below might come as a usual post. But if you haven’t, I might as well share with you the selection of menu that we ordered:

1. Nasi putih (white rice), a must for Indonesian meal
2. Sop Gurame Original and Spicy Gurame Soup (carp soup – original and spicy)
3. Karedok (Sundanese salad with bean paste)
4. Sayur kangkung cah balacan (green veggies)
5. Udang goreng mentega (fried shrimp with butter/margarine)
6. Udang goreng saus padang (fried shrimp with Padang sauce)
7. Ayam kampung bakar bumbu kecap (grilled chicked with soybean sauce)
8. Cumi goreng tepung (coated fried calamari)
9. Otak-otak (fish cake)
10. Tahu goreng (fried tofu)

As for the drinks, the favourite menu in our family are:
1. Mineral water
2. Es kelapa (coconut water and meat with ice)
3. Es jeruk (squeezed orange with ice)
4. Juice

For the birthday cake, Rama picked the Harvest Patissier and Chocolatier’s Red Velvet cake. It’s a yum! and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I was planning to share with you all some pictures of the location, but I was distracted by socializing with all of the guests and end up with only the pictures of Rama blowing the candle. I hope my post today is not a boring one, and maybe you’ll be interested in trying a Sundanese meal.

Have a happy holiday all!

Saung Apung

Saung Apung

Blowing candles

Blowing candles

In the front gate

In the front gate

Make a wish

Make a wish

Cake cutting

Cake cutting

Hi 4!

Hi 4!

A Trip to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Park of Beautiful Indonesia)

So last weekend me, my hubby and Rama went for a family fun trip to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). It’s been a while since we last came, I think it has almost been a year. The reason that we came there is purely just to have fun and to take our new nanny for a family fun trip. For the record, she had never come to TMII before.

The ticket entrance per person here is about Rp9.000 and Rp10.000 for the car fee.It’s not that expensive, but do keep in mind that for every playground you enter, there is an additional charges per person. For detail pricing, you may check on the price at their website

Where did we go you asked? We did took the liberty to ride on the sky lift, and turns out they just renewed the cabin so it looks lovely and clean. Sorry I didn’t took that much picture while we’re in the sky lift. But I did took some pictures of the playground below.