Challenge Results: Lost 5kg and Making a Lifestyle Progress

The two weeks challenge has ended last week. And I have made some small changes to my overall health and daily routine. But before I told you any further about that, let’s first talk about the changes I did during the whole two weeks.

For starter, I made a 30 mins walk around the block with my mum on an early basis. Usually at around 5.15 AM or 5.30 AM. Then for the rest of the day, I made sure I do this:

  • Drank 2 – 3 litre of water every day
  • Made smoothies almost every morning as my breakfast to go
  • Prepared my own lunch, consist of: 1 serving of fruits, 1 serving of vegetables and 1 serving of quinoa salad with protein or a vegetable sandwich or a vegetable burrito
  • Ensure myself to have an afternoon snack, it could be a slice of dark chocolate, crackers, or sometimes I just grab the chocolate oats biscuit
  • Eat dinner normally which usually consist of: 1/2 cup of rice, 1/4 vegetables and protein

I know it doesn’t look much, but since I am a huge girl myself the changes has brought a good output. I have lost the first 3 kg in just two weeks of result and lost two more kg on the last additional week. In total, a loving 5 kg has been shed out of my body.

Hopefully, if I keep continue doing this I could gain my short-term goal which is only 7kg more. It’s not gonna be easy I know, and I also need to take a look at the whole weightloss progress cause I don’t want to lose the weight too fast. But I’m not giving up!

So be sure to tune in to my blog journey and hopefully by the end of this year, my dream of expanding the family will be fulfilled.


Day 2 – Taking More Fruits


If any of you wondering just what it is that I’m posting, it’s my Day 2 challenge breakfast and lunch. Since today I had a lot of house chores to do in the morning, I think it will feel energizing to have some smoothies to bring to work (so many “to” in a sentence). The one that I really love to make at the moment is the very berry smoothis (I made this nickname myself). Here’s a recipe for you to try one yourself:

1 ripe banana, cut to pieces (I just use my hand to do so)

1 handful of assorted berries (strawberry, raspberries, blueberries, acai berries)

1 tbsp of maple syrup

1 tbsp of chia seeds

a glug of water or coconut water, whichever do you prefer

To me this smoothie is quite feeling and was able to keep me calm until lunch break. Then I eat my lunch box which consist of cut watermelon, saute brocoli and egg sandwich toast.

I didn’t do that much of exercise though, but was able to do the morning walk for another 30mins.

When dinner time comes, I opt the homemade fried chicken with vegetable soup and white rice.

Day 1 – The Starting Point


Good day all! This post is supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but because of my bad internet connection instead this will be up today. So I will pop two post as of today, one in the morning and the other at night.

Moving on, yesterday I thought I’ll start my day with a small bowl of weet-bix and milk with half a banana to keep me full until lunch time. I know I shouldn’t be taking cows milk and instead opt for the almond milk but unfortunately I don’t have any at the moment, so I just add a small amount of milk to make it a bit porridge consistency.

Before that however, I had already done my morning walks together with my mum. She’s very supportive of this, and I thought it’s sweet of her to wake up at 6AM and do the morning walks with me to give the support and courage. For my first day challenge, here’s what I did today:

  • 30 mins of walk in the morning
  • 30 squats in the evening (3 rep)
  • 30 seconds plank (2 rep)

For my lunch today, I still can’t get over the white rice and ate the chicken “tongseng” (some kind of soup) to go with it. For the drinks, I opt the tea. At around 3PM ate two coin of whole wheat cinnamon biscuit for snack. And on dinner time, I chose the chicken wrap.

When you put it down to a word like this, seems like I still ate a lot and some are not the healthiest stuff. So next stop I’ll pick better stuff. Also, since it’s day one the exercise I did was not that much. Better start checking on those youtube channel for some inspo.

Announcement: My 2 Weeks Challenge starts tomorrow!

Good day bloggers and readers! Gonna keep this short, but I must say this is going to be a bit different from my previous other posts, because I am doing a two weeks diet challenge for myself. Basically I am planning to expand our little family and hopefully get pregnant in the coming year. But my gynecologist which I consulted just recently mentioned that I need to shed a few kg, *like a LOT if you ask me*. Since health is also a major issue for me, I thought I might as well challenge myself with a two week healty-ish diet and do my best to shed those kilos.

I know that 2 weeks is quite a short period, but I need to boost my metabolism and hopefully be adjusted to the new diet and work it out until I reach the goal. So, to conclude starting tomorrow I will keep a daily log to update myself with the whole progress for the whole 2 weeks.

I hope this’ll work, so wish me luck!