Celebrating Our 6th Year Anniversary

Yesterday, six years ago, I was in a hallroom waiting eagerly while the Penghulu read through all the marriage promises for me and Bowie. Since my marriage process and reception was held in a traditional Javanese, I was kept hidden in a separate room while I wait for my queue to give Bowie my answer to his marriage request. That day I said yes. And now, we have been together for six whole year and is blessed with a wonderful child. To be fair, those six years spent together are not always goodie-toe-shoes. There are ups and down just like a hill climb or roller coaster ride. But to take this one ride with him, I choose to go there all the way.

This year he got me surprised with a flower sent to my office in regards of our anniversary. He also got me some gifts that I could wear and nourished. Yup, he got me pot of life plant for present. Hihihi, he is such a cutie.


Well, looking forward for tonight! It’s our anniversary, so I think it’s only fair if we go out and dine at a nice place with good food. Have a blast weekend!