New Mum and Baby Essentials

Maybe the title might confuse you a bit since I’m no longer a new mum, but I am a new mum to a new baby :p

Moving on, this time I would like to share with you what I think are essentials for being a new mum or just having a new baby in the house. A bit of disclaimer, I am not paid for advertising any of these items and this is just something I personally use and feel helped with. So let’s start!

  1. Breast pump – Again, I tell you breast pump is important especially if you decided to breastfeed you baby. I bought the unimom automatic breast pump and used it since Naomi’s birth and has not yet found any trouble. It even helped me boost the quantity of breast milk since it’s able to expressed in a thorough way.
  2. Diapers – I personally don’t use the washed diaper and instead used the disposable diaper instead. I know some might think it’s a waste, but for me and the family it’s something more convenient. And if you are like me, I suggest using Pampers Premium product since it’s softer than the usual. Yes it’s a bit pricey compare to the usual Pampers, but with my daughter I find her sleep more comfy than using other brand.
  3. Nursing apron – Having to breastfeed my daughter, I sometimes need nurse in a place with no nursing room. And I don’t bring with me a bottle of expressed milk since I don’t want to waste any stock at home, so I need to just do it whenever she’s feeling hungry. However, I am not the type to just open my shirt and nurse her in front of others. I don’t think that is appropriate. So I invest myself in a pricey apron which I got from Mothercare. I believe it is called Victoria Sling Nursing Cover. Why I choose this product you say? One, it’s huge. I could fit all of my chest area and the side as well so I don’t feel worry someone might take a glimpse. Second, the material is soft and warm yet cool as well. Very much comfortable for the baby and me.
  4. Baby sling – I use “Kain Batik” though. Because with my previous birth, we received quite a few of this “Kain Batik” and it’s better to use that since most of the time my nanny will be the one using it. I prefer to hold her directly without using any sling. Although I might re-consider this since she’s already 6kg in just 3 month.
  5. Baby pushchair/Stroller – Highly recommend this. Because whether you’re a working mum or a stay at home mum, this thing will be your best friend especially during the mall visit or just having some nice walk around the neighborhood. We bought the Silver Cross stroller from Mothercare as well, and so far we are liking it. It says that it could fit up to a 25kg child which is GOOD ’cause sometimes the big brother prefer to sit in the stroller while the baby is being hold.
  6. Bouncer with mobile toys – Naomi just love being on her bouncer while watching the TV. Yup, you read it right. She likes to watch TV. I know it’s not good, nor does it healthy, but she occasionally enjoys looking at the screen and I don’t know…she seems to really liking it *for now*.
  7. Onesie pajamas –  I especially LOVE the onesie from Mothercare. Because they are made already with a build it mittens that can be open if you prefer so. I put it on right before bedtime at night, because she sometimes like to scratch her face and I don’t want to risk her poking the eyes with those sharp nails. This is a very handy product if I may say.

That’s about it. My top 7 essentials product. What about you? Do you have your essentials that I might not yet mention above?


The First Week of a Newborn

Now that Naomi is already two months old, I can really say that the hardest part of having a newborn is on their first week of arrival. And I’m not making this post to scare new mum or those currently in pregnant, but I think we all should be prepared for what about to come (specifically for pregnant mum out there). Here’s why :

  1. When your baby first deliver, you will immediately receive a skin to skin bonding. The nurse or midwife will put your baby on your chest area and lead her for immediate latching. This was a new experience for me, because with my son I didn’t have the chance to experience immediate skin to skin bonding. He was premature and was rushed to the Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) right after he got cleaned. I was only able to kiss him for a split second. But with Naomi, the doctor and midwife put her on my chest area and was able to latch for thirty minutes non stop. I was crying with happy tears and amazed to know that she can do that.
  2. Breastfeeding is a full time commitment. I’m not trying to whine, but having to exclusively breastfeeding Naomi is also a new thing for me and I was so exhausted during the first couple of weeks. Nobody told me that when you breastfeed, you’ll get very little time for yourself, let alone for a good seven to eight hour of sleep. Turns out newborn needs to be fed every one and a half to two hours and for a good 20 minutes per feed. I was pretty overwhelmed, because again with my son this didn’t happened. He was fed half breast milk half formula. Since he was in the NICU for almost ten days, and I didn’t get the stimulation from him, hence my milk decided to go west. So he needs the formula to get full, and because he is full my milk supply is going chaotic and he rely mostly on formula. However, with Naomi that wasn’t the case. My milk supply (thankfully) is sufficient and she seems to LOVE it a lot. Because she can really latch for hours…like hours…non stop. Not that I complain, but at that time I was so tired that I become a bit jiffy. My advice, always try to sleep whenever the baby is asleep. Light nap will help even if it just for an hour. Trust me, it adds up.
  3. Changing diaper. In the early life, baby tends to have at least one dirty diaper for each day life. This means one dirty diaper on day one, two on day two and so on and so on. On day one, the dirty diaper will have black color due to meconium and on day four it will turn to yellow and the baby will have at least 3-4 stools daily. Since Naomi is breastfed, her stools tends to be loose (soft and runny) with sometimes may be seedy. She also stool every time she was nurse, and this is normal because some baby just does.
  4. During the first week until almost a month, we almost always keep the room temperature at 25 to 26 degree Celsius. This is important since the baby needs to be kept warm or she would feel cold. Baby tends to feel cold easily.
  5. Mild jaundice may occur, but that’s fine. However, Naomi had quite high on the test thus the doctor asked her to have two days of blue light treatment. If this happens to you don’t fret, you just need to keep pumping those breast milk and provide the baby with as much milk as he/she needs. I was pumping my milk every hour and send it to the hospital. Lucky for us the hospital is just five minutes away. Even so, on the second day we decided to open a room in the hospital to make it easier while breastfeeding or pumping.

So that’s about it. My first week with a newborn. I am so happy to have her and completed our little family, and I’m so looking forward for other memories to build.

Hope this post help or at least open up your idea of having to deal with a newborn. Until next time!

My Top 5 Items to Bring to the Hospital

With just about 48 days after my delivery to our second child, Naomi, yes we have deliver the baby, I wanted to share my top five items that you should bring to the hospital during labor.

To start of, as any other pregnant mum I started to prepare my hospital bag at the latest on my 36 weeks of pregnancy. With a c-section coming up in just two more weeks after, I suddenly become a nesting mum who obsessively likes to clean the house and prep everything knowing that after the operation I won’t be able to do any cleaning whatsoever during the first two weeks (even more for me).

Since this is my second time, it wasn’t that hard to figure out what I need and don’t need to bring with me. But even so, I found myself bringing too many things in the end. So if you’re like me, here’s a tip on my top five items to bring with you.

  1. Breast pump – nowadays most hospital provide the in-room service for all newly birth. This means you can stay in the room with your baby which give easy access for breastfeeding. However, if you’re like me, I have to experience my baby sleep separately for a couple of day because she needs the blue light treatment. Since I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby, the nurse and the midwife suggested me to pump my breast milk every one hour. Imagine that, right after three days of delivery I have to start juggling with the time and fill up my baby’s tum tum which turned out having a boys appetite. Thankfully with the supply-demand situation that was going on, plus the natural remedy that I took I was able to provide the milk to her on time and on target. But in such condition, it would be more comfortable to bring and use your own breast pump. My birth clinic did offered to lend us their breast pump, but I was just not feeling it. The breast pump that I use is the Unimom Alegra automatic breast pump. This brand is new to my ear, but trust me when I say that it feels wonder to you breast. It has a silicone padding that makes it squishy and yet comfy when it starts to pull out the breast milk, and you get a manual head for a change in case you decided to switch on to manual. When I purchase this product, I also received ten breast milk storage bag for free. All that and only around IDR900k-ish with no additional charge on delivery service.
  2. Postpartum pads – though the clinic where I deliver provide us with this pad, I recommend other mum to bring their own from home. Based on my first delivery, the clinic/hospital usually charge you pretty high for such pad. While honestly speaking, I don’t necessary need a postpartum pads just the regular menstruation pad is all I need. It might be differ from one woman to another, but since I don’t have that much blood during regular menstruation the same thing happened on my post pregnancy.
  3. Spare pillow and blanket – a spare pillow is needed when you just undergone a c-section. Because my clinic didn’t provide us with extra pillow, I find it very useful to bring additional one from home. The pillow can be used to help you adjust the sleeping position (think of it as a bolster). Cause seriously, after the operation they wanted you to move and sleep either to your left side or right side to let the gas come out of the system. If I don’t have the pillow, it will be quite hard for me to keep in that position. Mostly cause I have a big figure. The spare blanket however we bring for my husband and son to use at night. Yes, I did have them to stay with me in the hospital just because I don’t like to be alone with the baby in a hospital. Probably too much watching horror movie during my younger time which now polluted the brain and turned me into a scaredy cat. With that said, I just despise the idea of staying in a hospital (red. any kind of hospital) and not having a companion next to my bed. Having my son and hubby during the three day post labor really help boosting my mood and knowing that everyone is within my reach is an ease at heart.
  4. Dry shampoo – let’s face it, who wants to get a shower right after a c-section and wash their fluffy hair? Well not me of course. Especially knowing that the doctor told you not to let the area with the bandages to be wet. So, I brought myself a mini dry shampoo. Before when I was with Rama’s birth, we don’t have dry shampoo in Indonesia, at least not that I know. So I ended up not having to wash the hair for a few days and looking droopy with an oily greasy hair. But now thanks to the trusty batiste dry shampoo, my hair still look fab for the whole week (I know…it is kinda gross). I do put it up on a high bun though to make it fresh just a bit.
  5. Breast pad and good nursing bra – I cannot suggest more than to bring yourself some breast pad and good  nursing bra. Because regular bra just won’t make it. And no breast pad equals ruined clothes (due to breast milk residue). Me however, since the clinic provided kimono on a daily basis (twice a day), I find myself not wearing a bra is more convenient. But quite overwhelming especially when the breast milk started to let down from both breast at the same time. Thus, I cannot highly recommend you to bring a good nursing bra with breast pad to avoid my situation.

So those are my top five items to bring to the hospital during labor. Let me know in the comment below if you have other essential that you think is most important.


Rambut Mulai Rontok? Karena Anak Main Ludah Tuh…

Alis langsung naek begitu ada yang bilang kayak gitu. Ini pengalaman pribadi lho…salah satu tante suamiku bilang, begitu anak mulai suka maen ludah otomatis rambut pasti pada rontok. Oke…baru denger. Tadinya sempet mengira si tante bersugesti. Tapi kok tahu-tahu pas Rama mulai makin sering drooling rambut aku juga jadi makin banyak yang rontok. Bahkan saking banyaknya sampai ngerasa lama-lama bisa botak *ketok-ketok meja, amit-amit jangan sampe kejadian*

Keselnya lagi pas ketahuan jadinya si tante makin meyakini konsep rambut rontok disebabkan oleh anak yang suka main ludah. Duh…gak bisa dibiarin nih. So, karena aku penasaran dijabanin lah acara ubek-ubek internet di sela waktu kosong. Meski ada beberapa artikel soal rambut rontok di masa menyusui, tapi kayaknya yang paling detil yang di situsnya kellymom. Aku coba translate dan ringkas sebisanya ya…

Jadi sebenarnya rambut kita itu punya dua fase, growth dan resting. Pada umumnya rambut kita berada di fase growth (pertumbuhan) normal, akan tetapi diwaktu kita sedang hamil faktor hormonal banyak mempengaruhi perubahan di tubuh sang Ibu. Dalam hal ini hormon menyebabkan pertumbuhan rambut yang jauh lebih cepat. Jadi terkadang sang Ibu mempunyai rambut yang lebih tebal dibandingkan biasanya. Tapi kondisi ini hanya sementara. Karena setelah tumbuh, rambut tersebut masuk ke fase resting yang disusul dengan shedding (perontokan) dan regrowth (tumbuh kembali).

Nah…masa perontokan ini sebenarnya sudah dimulai semenjak bayi kita lahir. Akan tetapi saat dimana rambut kita lebih banyak rontok biasanya dimulai pada saat bayi berusia 1-6 bulan dengan rata-rata mengalami diusia anak 3 bulan. Pada usia 3 bulan inilah *kalau kita perhatiin bener-bener* masa dimana si anak mulai sering main ludah. Dan pada saat ini juga bila kita memiliki rambut yang lebih tebal di masa kehamilan, atau rambut yang panjang maka akan mengalami kerontokan yang paling parah.

Fase ini seharusnya akan kembali normal ketika sang anak berusia 12 bulan. Jadi jika moms ada yang ngerasa masih juga ngalamin kerontokan dahsyat padahal sang anak sudah berusia lebih dari 12 bulan, sebaiknya diperiksakan saja.

Berdasarkan situs kellymom dan parentsdotcom, ada beberapa hal yang bisa kita lakukan untuk mengurangi kerontokan. Diantaranya:

  • Mencoba potongan rambut yang berbeda. Kalau rambutnya panjang sebaiknya di potong lebih pendek. Jangan takut berkreasi. Gak perlu harus pakai rambut model bob yang monoton. Ajak stylist untuk brain storming. Pasti nemu ide untuk mengakali model rambut pendek.
  • Jangan lupa gunakan conditioner atau leavein setelah mencuci rambut.
  • Ganti kebiasaan membelah rambut. Jika biasa dibelah ke arah samping kanan, coba arah sebaliknya.
  • Gunakan ornamen rambut. Kayaknya yang satu ini perlu deh. Beli headband di mana ya yang bagus…??

Well…sekarang kan sudah jelas kenapa rambut new mom cenderung rontok di usia anak 3-6 bulan. Jadi gak perlu lagi deh percaya sama mitos-mitos orang jaman dulu. Tapi sebenernya kalau dipikir-pikir orang jaman dulu lumayan obserfativ ya. Buktinya mereka tahu kalau di usia segitu rambut ibunya pasti rontok. Cuman yang masih kurang dipahami sama mereka yaitu tadi…penjelasan secara ilmiahnya.

Sekarang daripada ngakalin anak untuk berhenti drooling mending mulai baca-baca tentang teething. Karena dari yang pernah aku baca, salah satu ciri anak yang mau teething itu anak cenderung sering ngiler. Mungkin nanti dibahas berikutnya aja ya. J