New Mum and Baby Essentials

Maybe the title might confuse you a bit since I’m no longer a new mum, but I am a new mum to a new baby :p

Moving on, this time I would like to share with you what I think are essentials for being a new mum or just having a new baby in the house. A bit of disclaimer, I am not paid for advertising any of these items and this is just something I personally use and feel helped with. So let’s start!

  1. Breast pump – Again, I tell you breast pump is important especially if you decided to breastfeed you baby. I bought the unimom automatic breast pump and used it since Naomi’s birth and has not yet found any trouble. It even helped me boost the quantity of breast milk since it’s able to expressed in a thorough way.
  2. Diapers – I personally don’t use the washed diaper and instead used the disposable diaper instead. I know some might think it’s a waste, but for me and the family it’s something more convenient. And if you are like me, I suggest using Pampers Premium product since it’s softer than the usual. Yes it’s a bit pricey compare to the usual Pampers, but with my daughter I find her sleep more comfy than using other brand.
  3. Nursing apron – Having to breastfeed my daughter, I sometimes need nurse in a place with no nursing room. And I don’t bring with me a bottle of expressed milk since I don’t want to waste any stock at home, so I need to just do it whenever she’s feeling hungry. However, I am not the type to just open my shirt and nurse her in front of others. I don’t think that is appropriate. So I invest myself in a pricey apron which I got from Mothercare. I believe it is called Victoria Sling Nursing Cover. Why I choose this product you say? One, it’s huge. I could fit all of my chest area and the side as well so I don’t feel worry someone might take a glimpse. Second, the material is soft and warm yet cool as well. Very much comfortable for the baby and me.
  4. Baby sling – I use “Kain Batik” though. Because with my previous birth, we received quite a few of this “Kain Batik” and it’s better to use that since most of the time my nanny will be the one using it. I prefer to hold her directly without using any sling. Although I might re-consider this since she’s already 6kg in just 3 month.
  5. Baby pushchair/Stroller – Highly recommend this. Because whether you’re a working mum or a stay at home mum, this thing will be your best friend especially during the mall visit or just having some nice walk around the neighborhood. We bought the Silver Cross stroller from Mothercare as well, and so far we are liking it. It says that it could fit up to a 25kg child which is GOOD ’cause sometimes the big brother prefer to sit in the stroller while the baby is being hold.
  6. Bouncer with mobile toys – Naomi just love being on her bouncer while watching the TV. Yup, you read it right. She likes to watch TV. I know it’s not good, nor does it healthy, but she occasionally enjoys looking at the screen and I don’t know…she seems to really liking it *for now*.
  7. Onesie pajamas –  I especially LOVE the onesie from Mothercare. Because they are made already with a build it mittens that can be open if you prefer so. I put it on right before bedtime at night, because she sometimes like to scratch her face and I don’t want to risk her poking the eyes with those sharp nails. This is a very handy product if I may say.

That’s about it. My top 7 essentials product. What about you? Do you have your essentials that I might not yet mention above?


Together With the Nature – Pesona Alam Hotel and Resorts


On our last family trip to Puncak, we stayed at Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort which is very close to the Taman Safari (Safari Garden). We found this hotel by accident, because at first we planned to go there with the whole family (my mum and dad, my sist and her hubby and of course Rama’s nanny). But due to some circumstances, it ends up with just the four of us (me Bowie, Rama and the nanny). Since the number of people decreased, we had to cancel the idea of renting a villa and instead opt to find the nearest hotel to Safari Garden.

And then we found it, the perfect hotel which accommodate our hunger for nature. Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort.


If you like a place with a view, then I’m guessing you’d love this place. Having to be located in the mountain, it has all the beautiful scenery that anyone could have dreamed and asked for. My favourite spot has to be the pool shades. It so lovely that it’s instagram worthy.



We didn’t dip ourself in the pool *although we desperately want it* because it was too cold at that time, so we decided to just walk around the hotel area. Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort is a must visit for its gorgeous scenery and good quality of service.

pesona-alam-futsal-view1 pesona-alam-futsal-view2pesona-alam-futsal-lounge

Fitness-center-pingpong playground-pesona-alam sand-playground-pesona-alam playground-view1 playground-view2

Hidden Treasure, a Playground for Kids


A visit to my grandmother’s place usually ends up with a long talk and good quality of food. And this year Eid Adha was again celebrated successfully with the famous “tele’ bebe” and “ketupat” and lots and lots of good chat. But poor Rama was struggling with his alergy, and that day was no exception.

So to ease out his symptoms, we chose to walk around my grandmother’s neighborhood, and boy did we like what we found. The once called TK Kenanga, has transformed from a gloomy looking playground to a happy and bright place for children to play.

And so there we go. Spending the last hour oudoor with the sun pouring and of course less alergies.

tk-kenangan-playground tk-kenanga-playground2 tk-kenanga-playground-swings tk-kenanga-see-saw tk-kenanga-playground-see-saw-closeup tk-kenanga-playground-see-saw-pika

For this event, I opt to wear my Eid Fitri outfit which is the Oasis blue denim color long dress with a batik blazer for cover up. Bowie wore his checkered uniqlo shirt and jeans (which he love a lot this month) and Rama just play along with his koko shirt and levi’s jeans.

uniqlo-checkered-shirt-and-jeans oasis-long-dress-batik-blazer

Challenge Results: Lost 5kg and Making a Lifestyle Progress

The two weeks challenge has ended last week. And I have made some small changes to my overall health and daily routine. But before I told you any further about that, let’s first talk about the changes I did during the whole two weeks.

For starter, I made a 30 mins walk around the block with my mum on an early basis. Usually at around 5.15 AM or 5.30 AM. Then for the rest of the day, I made sure I do this:

  • Drank 2 – 3 litre of water every day
  • Made smoothies almost every morning as my breakfast to go
  • Prepared my own lunch, consist of: 1 serving of fruits, 1 serving of vegetables and 1 serving of quinoa salad with protein or a vegetable sandwich or a vegetable burrito
  • Ensure myself to have an afternoon snack, it could be a slice of dark chocolate, crackers, or sometimes I just grab the chocolate oats biscuit
  • Eat dinner normally which usually consist of: 1/2 cup of rice, 1/4 vegetables and protein

I know it doesn’t look much, but since I am a huge girl myself the changes has brought a good output. I have lost the first 3 kg in just two weeks of result and lost two more kg on the last additional week. In total, a loving 5 kg has been shed out of my body.

Hopefully, if I keep continue doing this I could gain my short-term goal which is only 7kg more. It’s not gonna be easy I know, and I also need to take a look at the whole weightloss progress cause I don’t want to lose the weight too fast. But I’m not giving up!

So be sure to tune in to my blog journey and hopefully by the end of this year, my dream of expanding the family will be fulfilled.

Cut The Crab

Cut The Crab

Eating at Cut The Crab

If you’re a resident of Jakarta, you’ll surely hear about this place where you can enjoy good quality of crab with a little bit of twist. Unlike any other restaurant I’ve visited, this place offered you the unique experience of having your meal laying down on your table without any plates. Yup, you read it right. They literally put your meal on the table with no plates. But beforehand they put this giant size brown paper to cover the table so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be eating anything dirty from what’s left in the table.

Also, in case you are wondering what the hell am I wearing…that is actually a bibs provided by the staff for us to use while eating. It made me feel a bit ridiculus at first, but when we start to dig in our food I feel reliefed that I’m having the bibs on. Otherwise, I’ll have my shirt all dirty from the sauce and everything. Hahahaha…not trying to be barbaric, but here in Cut the Crab that’s how you enjoy a good meal. By sipping the sauce from your table, licking your fingers and just forget about table maners for a while. But you know what? I enjoyed every single minutes while we were there. My sister, Citra, joined us for lunch and she and Bowie really love their Crab and Lobster on a table. They made it look like a small eating competition while I had to spare the piles of empty shells.

Since we are one “small” family with such a big tummy, we have ordered the free willy seafood mix which comboed with the double trouble package menu for five person which include: five bottomless ice tea (no sugar), green mussels, lobster, crab (obviously), prawn, corn, and mushroom. We also ordered the fish and chips, one serving of broccoli , original chicken wing with mineral water for Rama and five portion of steam rice. All that for only Rp698.500 (equivalent to USD 53.06).

So if you are by chance visiting Jakarta, I would like to recommend this place for you who is a free spirit and doesn’t mind having their meal on a table. Why not try visit their place at: Senopati, Jl. Cikajang No. 32, Jakarta.

Have a nice weekend.

Staying in JS Luwansa Hotel and a visit to Kota Kasablanka

During the holiday season, my little family had decided to spend the long weekend staying at our favourite hotel named JS Luwansa. The hotel is located in Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C-22, Kuningan, Jakarta. It is our third time staying in the hotel and is absolutely by far our favourite place in Jakarta.

We were warmly welcomed by the receptionist, who then told us that they are having their first anniversary and asked if we would like to join their charity event which we did. I always fancy staying in hotels, mainly because I love to play household while staying in and immediately unpack my belongings and put them in the hotel drawer as if it’s my new home. Well, for the mean time at least.

Staying here is a delight and I especially love the food. They are superb! My sister once had her wedding reception at this hotel and the food they provided was impressive. I especially loved the duck menu, so yummy that it made me drool just to think about it.

Funny thing though, Bowie and I noticed that we were given the same exact room number when we first came to this hotel. It’s as if we are really returning back to our home, hihihi.

At lunch, my mum and dad came to visit so we thought it will be nice to go out to Kota Kasablanka mall and dine out. Since Rama favor the Japan sushi dish, we went to eat at Sushi Tei before finally getting entertained with the mall Christmast attraction from Hungary. The Christmast Circus Carnaval acrobatic performance.

It was a breathtaking experience watching the performance but I was delighted to see the show, mall decorations and all.
















Another holiday!

Loving May this year!

Gimana gak, pas akhir bulan Mei hari kerja jadi berasa kayak libur terus gara-gara libur nasionalnya selang seling (masuk-libur-masuk-libur). Hari ni kebetulan pas tanggalan merah lagi 🙂 so we decided to add some sports in today holiday.

Berhubung keluarga ini suka banget main air, jadilah kita berkunjung ke Cilandak Sports Center yang ada di Cilandak Town Square. Udah lama banget gak berkunjung ke sini, ternyata area swimming pool nya masih sama kayak dulu :’) jadi kangen masa-masa kecil waktu dulu di les-in berenang sama nyokap hehehe

For your information, entrance fee swimming pool areanya sekarang dikenakan charge IDR 40.000 per-orang baik dewasa maupun anak-anak (US$ 3.44/person). Tapi karena hari ini tanggalan merah, jadinya untuk anak-anak dikasih diskon lima ribu rupiah hahahaha lumayan lah yaa…Mungkin ada yang bingung kenapa ditulis harga dalam dolar segala, yah…siapa tau ada orang luar yang baca blognya trus kebetulan pengen tau berapa harga wahana sport center di Jakarta…that should give you some knowledge :p

Lanjut, si percil (julukan ku buat Rama), langsung semangat setelah kita ngurus admission di resepsionis. Dan langsung lonjak-lonjak girang begitu ngeliat swimming pool *hahaha ekspresi wajahnya excited and worried both at the same time*. My advice, if you want to take your kids here better do it early morning or after 10am. Karena poolnya peeeenuuh kayak diisi cendol! Soalnya banyak anak-anak yang lagi latihan renang dan yang les bukan cuma 1-2 orang, tapi lebih dari 5 orang untuk 1 pengajar. Yup, just imagine the traffic while you’re swimming…get it? Busy pool. Not really my idea for a place to swim. But, since the goal was to make Rama more active and doing things outside the room so we just enjoy and play water instead hahaha.

Untungnya area pool anak-anak justru sepi, dan ada perosotan lengkap dengan water bucket yang bisa numpahin air ke kolam ketika bucketnya udah penuh. That’s the real fun! Rama enjoy banget kejar-kejaran di air dan ngumpet di pelukanku setiap kali water bucketnya penuh hahahaha si percil gak mau disiram air banyak-banyak rupanya 😀

And so there we were, the Wibowo Siregar family enjoying our playdate with the pool. Seneng banget liat Rama puas main air dari jam 7.30am sampe jam 10.00am, meskipun kulit jadi agak-agak makin eksotis niih karena “ramah”nya sinar matahari hehehe.

Next holiday enaknya ke mana ya?………kinda miss Bali *again* hahahaha