My 2 Month Postpartum Update | What You Might Face after a C-Section

Now that Naomi is 11 weeks old (around two and a half month), I think it’s time to talk about some updates. If you want to know a full update on her, you can check it on my Youtube channel which will be up this week. In this blog though, I wanted to share with you my postpartum update. Some might be the same as with my second pregnancy but some are different.

Body update

  1. Although both labor was performed by a c-section, however this time I have longer healing process, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m now 30 and my body shape is bigger compare to prior pregnancy. The pain feels the most during the first two weeks post operation, but now I only feel pain if the operation mark unintentionally scratch by fabric.
  2. During the first month, my feet got swollen which is something I’m not familiar with. Turns out this is normal. Because when we got pregnant our body retain more water than usual, and once the baby is delivered then all the water went to the bottom of the body which is unfortunately the feet. I don’t know why this wasn’t the case for me before, but this time my feet went humongous starting from the fifth day after labor to approximately a month after.
  3. I still feel exhausted because the lack of sleep and my sometime weird nursing position. And I don’t think the fact that I’ll be going back for work in less than two weeks would make it easier…not that I want to change all that. But other than that I feel wonderful.
  4. Lately, after two month postpartum, my joints are aching and sometimes (more often) my fingers are hard to open. Especially during the morning and if I remain doing nothing. I thought for sure that I have a rheumatoid syndrome, which freaks me out. So I browse the web and found postpartum arthralgia. It’s a common thing for women post pregnancy caused by hormone changes. From what I read, some women had it for just a couple of month, but majority have it around six to twelve months. Wish me luck this will soon fade out, because having this while working full time is not going to make it easy.

Mum’s update

Nothing quite change, but I did manage to regain my weight prior to having Naomi which means I’ve lost 10 kg in just two months. But the weight from previous pregnancy hasn’t gone at all. Before I was just terrified to loose the weight fearing I might not be able to get pregnant if I suddenly become skinny (as if I could get skinny…hahaha), but now that I have Naomi…I don’t think I have that same excuse anymore. So probably after she’s turning 4 months old I’ll start working out and change my diet plan.

Big brother update

Nobody told me that transitioning to two children is hard. Like real hard. I especially cannot cope (sometime) with the jealousy from the big brother. Really need to learn patience and time management. Believe me you don’t want to mess with the first kiddo.

Baby update

Mostly sleeping and feed. But Naomi starts to smile back whenever I play with her and she also shows interest to her baby gym mattress. Love love love when she calls me out today, she was looking for my attention with cooeing…awww that really made my day. The feeling of being wanted from a baby, is just priceless. I win big with both my child. Then I guess it’s just coping time now, and enjoy the last two weeks of my giving birth leave. I wish they give us six to a year worth of leave here in Indonesia just like in some countries. Or better yet, I wish I’m in the condition where I have the freedom to just grab the bait, take that big jump and pursue my dream as a stay at home working mum. Maybe in a few years…maybe…ameen!!


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