What’s in My Diaper Bag


Having a newborn means going back to the old routine of regular changing diapers and night shift and other bits and bops. Even though it sounds tiring, but I love it. And with that said, comes the return of my old time friend, the diaper bag. This time though, I’m not using the usual diaper bag like I did last time with Rama. I used this airwalk backpack that has enough room and storage for me to bring the essentials and I don’t end up looking like someone who brings her diaper bag (even though it is).

With just one and a half months old, I’ve already taken Naomi with us to pick-up the older brother and waited in the school yard for at least two to three hours top. We sometime also take her on our weekly groceries shopping because honestly speaking this baby can’t go too far from her milk (aka. mum’s breast).

Therefore, a proper diaper bag is needed just in case a blow out happened while we were out and about. Thus, here are the list of item that I bring with me:

  • Changing mattress, this actually comes together from the diaper bag given by my sister but since it was too bulky I ended up just taking the mattress and a small handy bag that comes with it.
  • Small handy bag that is easily cleaned and matched the changing mattress. I use this to put the nappy cream, warm oil, hand sanitizer and baby cologne.
  • Disposable diapers. I usually bring four to six of them because you never know when an emergency will happen.
  • Hand and mouth wipes
  • Dry tissue
  • Spare clothes, consist of onesie, legging, bibs and socks.
  • Muslin cloth for when you need to burp the baby or just wiping of some milk off her face.
  • A small container filled with wet cotton balls for wiping the baby bum. I tried using the conventional diaper wipes for a couple of times on her, but her bum turns so red and she feels uncomfortable. So the midwife at my hospital suggest me to bring wet cotton balls in a container instead. Since then, no more rash and anxiety meltdown from her or me.
  • A good quality fabric of nursing apron, because I could never go out and about without it and flash my boobs while nursing the baby. It’s just not comfortable for me.
  • And some mum stuff: my wallet, card holder, phone, a small notebook with a pen and a lipstick for when I need a little touch up.


So that’s about it, the things I bring with me in my diaper bag. I wonder if there’s anything else that I forgot and that you could share with me.


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