Family Annual Trip, Legoland Johor Bahru – 14 April 2016


Finally, our annual family trip that we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Yippie! The excitement is over the moon, because for the first time ever we took Rama on a trip abroad. This year destination was to Malaysia and Singapore. Rama was so thrilled to know that we are going to Legoland, he even had already checked some of the Youtube vlog to find out what type of games he’ll be taking on our trip.

Since our first destination, and if I may say our ultimate destination is to Legoland at Johor Bahru Malaysia, thus the moment we arrived at Singapore International Airport we rushed ourselves to the luggage area and look out for our chartered driver. Luckily they sent us Toyota Innova which can accomodate all four of us plus the heavy luggages (forgot to mention that my father in-law was joining us for the trip).

It cost us MYR 2.155 for a night stay which included breakfast, airport pick-ups, and two days free entrance to the Legoland Playground and Waterpark for one children. We did bought additional tickets at the hotel which turns out to be cheaper than buying it directly from the ticket booth. We spent another MYR 180 per person for two days pass at the Legoland playground and waterpark because it wasn’t included in the hotel basic package.

There are three types of room to select, the pirate theme, kingdom theme, and adventure theme. Since Rama likes to watch some pirate cartoon on Disney Junior, it was obvious that we picked the pirate theme room. No need to worry though, cause the room was not scary at all and it was quite spacious. It does says that the room can accomodate for 3 adults and 2 child.

I definitely love the room and the bathroom (unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the bathroom). But it was cute, with a touch of personal water sink for the kids so they don’t have to use our sink hihihihihi

Next, the theme park. It was awesome!! We didn’t take the ride for bigger kids, but the place is enjoyable. My advice, come here during non-school break. And don’t bring any plastic water bottle or they’ll ask you to throw it away. But you can bring your baby’s food and drink (milk) if you need to. Coming back to the topic where I say it was best to go there during the regular time and not during the school break, because it was freedom!! My friend at work once come to Legoland during the school break and boy did he and his family suffer from the heat and the lack of chairs. Not that Legoland didn’t provide enough chairs, but it’s because the number of visitors that was probably too much.

For us however, it was a blast. We didn’t have to queue for too long and we get to see the park thoroughly. Rama definitely love it and already asked us for another trip to come back there.



So that was it, our family vacation. Didn’t get much picture while staying in Singapore, because mainly what we did there was just shop shop shop or dine dine dine.

Until next time!


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