Gender Reveal


Currently I’m 24 weeks in pregnant and just recently we had our professional 4D screening. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because I had an unsettled heart, where half part of mine willingly to accept if the baby turns out to be a boy, but the other half part wished and desperately wished it to be a baby girl.

So when the day comes for us to find out what the baby gender was, I get a bit anxious and start to questioned “what if…what if…”.

But I do already love the baby inside, so I finally thought, “Dear, I don’t really care what gender you will be. As long as you’re healthy then I will be very pleased to meet you my dear baby”. And so with that in mind, I follow through.

That day, my mum and Rama also come to the clinic for the 4D screening. Bowie was a bit nervous himself, considering he was also wanted a baby girl. And so the doctor started the ultrasound and there she was. Yup, I said “she”. Because the doctor told us that the baby is going to be a girl, one healthy baby girl.

I almost cry out of happiness, and the others seem to feel the same. Something funny though happened, when Rama saw the 4D screening he immediately said “oh how cute, there’s a baby alien in mummy’s tum”. Hahahaha, he couldn’t really see the face of a baby, and instead he thought the baby was an alien. All of us started to laugh, even the doctor and the nurse.

In case any of you wondering, I did my 4D screening with dr. Yudith at Sam Marie Hospital which located on Jl. Wijaya I No. 45, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. The cost for a 4D screening was around IDR 900 thousand. The procedure itself took only 30-45 minutes but you get a thorough check.


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