22 Weeks of Pregnancy Update


Hi there!

It’s been weeks since my last post, and I wanted to share with you my pregnancy updates.

So I’m currently on my 22 weeks of pregnancy, and thankfully this third pregnancy is way much easier compared to the other two. Possibly due to my job changes, from an external auditor from a big four auditing firm to an accountant with an 8 to 5 working hours.

What makes it different, you might ask? The major differences, definitely the working hours. While I was in love with my previous job as an auditor, I find it very difficult to maintain an 8-9 total working hours a day because you have deadlines, clients, meetings and so on and so on. That affect the quality of my lifestyle and definitely changes my hormones. If you may read my older blog in blogger, than you might already know that my first pregnancy wasn’t successful and I lost my baby-to-be after being pregnant for six months. The reason back then was coagulation of blood, or blood thickens, followed by positive ACA (Anticardiolipin Antibodies).

With my second pregnancy (Rama) this ACA blood test was also comes positive. I had to take extra medication to make sure that I don’t have any blood thickening while pregnant with him so he can be deliver. However, the chance of premature labour was more than 50%. And yes, I delivered him a month earlier than the expected due.

Moving on, with my third pregnancy I was pretty sure that I will have a positive ACA blood test but turns out I didn’t. And I wasn’t feeling comfy about the result so IĀ asked my obgyn for a re-test after my 16 weeks of pregnancy. Miraculously I still proven wrong and resulted in a negative ACA blood test. I was so happy to find that test result and thankful for my health. I now have a chance of a full pregnancy with lower percentage of premature labour.

I guess taking care of yourself while being pregnant and before you are pregnant will result in your overall pregnancy.

My advice to you who are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant is to always look after yourself. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, enough sleep, moderate exercise and spent time with your loved one. Because all that will become the essentials in forming your pregnancy.