Together With the Nature – Pesona Alam Hotel and Resorts


On our last family trip to Puncak, we stayed at Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort which is very close to the Taman Safari (Safari Garden). We found this hotel by accident, because at first we planned to go there with the whole family (my mum and dad, my sist and her hubby and of course Rama’s nanny). But due to some circumstances, it ends up with just the four of us (me Bowie, Rama and the nanny). Since the number of people decreased, we had to cancel the idea of renting a villa and instead opt to find the nearest hotel to Safari Garden.

And then we found it, the perfect hotel which accommodate our hunger for nature. Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort.


If you like a place with a view, then I’m guessing you’d love this place. Having to be located in the mountain, it has all the beautiful scenery that anyone could have dreamed and asked for. My favourite spot has to be the pool shades. It so lovely that it’s instagram worthy.



We didn’t dip ourself in the pool *although we desperately want it* because it was too cold at that time, so we decided to just walk around the hotel area. Pesona Alam Hotel and Resort is a must visit for its gorgeous scenery and good quality of service.

pesona-alam-futsal-view1 pesona-alam-futsal-view2pesona-alam-futsal-lounge

Fitness-center-pingpong playground-pesona-alam sand-playground-pesona-alam playground-view1 playground-view2


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