Hidden Treasure, a Playground for Kids


A visit to my grandmother’s place usually ends up with a long talk and good quality of food. And this year Eid Adha was again celebrated successfully with the famous “tele’ bebe” and “ketupat” and lots and lots of good chat. But poor Rama was struggling with his alergy, and that day was no exception.

So to ease out his symptoms, we chose to walk around my grandmother’s neighborhood, and boy did we like what we found. The once called TK Kenanga, has transformed from a gloomy looking playground to a happy and bright place for children to play.

And so there we go. Spending the last hour oudoor with the sun pouring and of course less alergies.

tk-kenangan-playground tk-kenanga-playground2 tk-kenanga-playground-swings tk-kenanga-see-saw tk-kenanga-playground-see-saw-closeup tk-kenanga-playground-see-saw-pika

For this event, I opt to wear my Eid Fitri outfit which is the Oasis blue denim color long dress with a batik blazer for cover up. Bowie wore his checkered uniqlo shirt and jeans (which he love a lot this month) and Rama just play along with his koko shirt and levi’s jeans.

uniqlo-checkered-shirt-and-jeans oasis-long-dress-batik-blazer


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