There is Always a Time for a Zoo Visit


This is a very late post which supposed to be uploaded last week, so before it gets even more late than it’s already had I just have to share with you our family trip to the Safari Garden zoo. I don’t know if I ever told you that this is our annual tradition but yes, going to the zoo is a must in every year. Luckily this year, we received a free voucher for four person to Safari Garden. Hence, we only paid IDR 15k for the car entrance fee. Such a bargain since normally we have to pay IDR 150.000 for adult and IDR 140.000 for children (domestic price). The foreign tourist got double on the price.

Moving on, going to a safari means walking around in the animal natural habitat. So here you can see different kind of animals from around the world and of course Indonesia. I took some of my favourite animals and safari spot to share with you.

safari-garden-giraffe2 safari-garden-giraffe

safari-garden-jungle-land-area safari-garden-chimps-playground safari-garden-chimps-jungle-area

Was pretty amazed with the orang utan’s living space. They have everything! The playground, waterfall, grass to roll around. And they have lots of friend to play with.

red-cockatoo-baby-zoo children-playground-safari-garden animal-attraction-safari-garden komodo-dragon-safari-garden behind-the-wall-komodo-dragon-safari-garden

Once you cleared out the safari, you can then visit their baby zoo. Here you’ll find different other kind of animals, such as: meerkat, kangaroo, penguin, walabi, baby panther/tiger/lion (which you can take a picture with for a fee), snakes, more orangutans, birds, komodo dragon, bears, and even some live animal shows.

horse-riding-safari-garden wefie-safari-garden wefie-safari-garden2


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