Another Late Post – Celebration Trip to Yogyakarta

Terminal3-Jakarta-Airport-Family-Trip April has got to be one of my favourite month of the year. If you read my blog, then surely you’ll know that our anniversary is on April. Hence, during that month we have booked ourself a week trip to Yogyakarta. Rama was very pleased to know that we are going there on air. He even chose to wear his pilot look-a-like shirt just to show his excitement. We actually have booked our flight and hotel since about a year before just because we could get really good bargain if we did so. And off we go! AdiSucipto-Airport-Trip-Yogyakarta Welcome-Yogyakarta-Family-Celebration-TripOnce we arrived at Adisutjipto airport in Yogyakarta, me and Rama strike for a pose in a greeting way. He, however, didn’t seem to look like giving a greet or anything. He was just entertaining himself with his cutie smile. Since our rented car won’t be here until the next morning, so we decided to take a taxi to Novotel Hotel which only took us about 15-20 mins of travel. We checked in to our room (which was lovely and calming with a slightly vintage theme) and immediately re-pack all of our stuff and I did some shoot.IMG_0882 IMG_0881 IMG_0880IMG_0879 The bath tub has got to be Rama’s favourite thing in the hotel, aside from the swimming pool of course. He is such a fish when it comes to water.IMG_0878 IMG_0877 We were given a room with swimming pool view, and of course Rama like to sits here watching other guests swimming and then tried to lure us down just for a dip in the pool. Hahahaha so typical of him.Pool-View-Room-Novotel-Yogyakarta-Trip On our second day of the trip, we went to Borobudur temple and boy did I sweat a lot. It’s been a while since my last gym session, and I did gained some weight. But boy I enjoyed it so much.

Borobudur-Entrance-Yogyakarta-Trip Borobudur-Entrance2 Borobudur-Side-ViewIMG_0942Although I must say, my wardrobe choice was a bit off. Black is not perfect for sunny day, especially if you have to wear long jeans underneath your dress *a big no-no*. However, that blue sarong is not mine. Apparently when you are visiting Borobudur you must put on this sarong on your waist just like when you’re visiting any other temple in Bali. I reckon this is something that the Borobudur management made up for marketing, even so I think it’s a good marketing and I just love seeing people with nice printed sarong. IMG_0940 IMG_0946 IMG_0945

We managed to get ourself an early dinner at Raminten House which served local dish with a twist. It’s not exactly  my kind of food but will definitely come back here next year.

Local-Dish-Raminten Jus-Raminten Susu-Coklat-Raminten Es-Campur-Raminten IMG_1004


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