Another Late Post – Celebration Trip to Yogyakarta

Terminal3-Jakarta-Airport-Family-Trip April has got to be one of my favourite month of the year. If you read my blog, then surely you’ll know that our anniversary is on April. Hence, during that month we have booked ourself a week trip to Yogyakarta. Rama was very pleased to know that we are going there on air. He even chose to wear his pilot look-a-like shirt just to show his excitement. We actually have booked our flight and hotel since about a year before just because we could get really good bargain if we did so. And off we go! AdiSucipto-Airport-Trip-Yogyakarta Welcome-Yogyakarta-Family-Celebration-TripOnce we arrived at Adisutjipto airport in Yogyakarta, me and Rama strike for a pose in a greeting way. He, however, didn’t seem to look like giving a greet or anything. He was just entertaining himself with his cutie smile. Since our rented car won’t be here until the next morning, so we decided to take a taxi to Novotel Hotel which only took us about 15-20 mins of travel. We checked in to our room (which was lovely and calming with a slightly vintage theme) and immediately re-pack all of our stuff and I did some shoot.IMG_0882 IMG_0881 IMG_0880IMG_0879 The bath tub has got to be Rama’s favourite thing in the hotel, aside from the swimming pool of course. He is such a fish when it comes to water.IMG_0878 IMG_0877 We were given a room with swimming pool view, and of course Rama like to sits here watching other guests swimming and then tried to lure us down just for a dip in the pool. Hahahaha so typical of him.Pool-View-Room-Novotel-Yogyakarta-Trip On our second day of the trip, we went to Borobudur temple and boy did I sweat a lot. It’s been a while since my last gym session, and I did gained some weight. But boy I enjoyed it so much.

Borobudur-Entrance-Yogyakarta-Trip Borobudur-Entrance2 Borobudur-Side-ViewIMG_0942Although I must say, my wardrobe choice was a bit off. Black is not perfect for sunny day, especially if you have to wear long jeans underneath your dress *a big no-no*. However, that blue sarong is not mine. Apparently when you are visiting Borobudur you must put on this sarong on your waist just like when you’re visiting any other temple in Bali. I reckon this is something that the Borobudur management made up for marketing, even so I think it’s a good marketing and I just love seeing people with nice printed sarong. IMG_0940 IMG_0946 IMG_0945

We managed to get ourself an early dinner at Raminten House which served local dish with a twist. It’s not exactly  my kind of food but will definitely come back here next year.

Local-Dish-Raminten Jus-Raminten Susu-Coklat-Raminten Es-Campur-Raminten IMG_1004


Spending the Weekend at HARRIS Hotel, Summarecon Bekasi

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend at HARRIS Hotel in Summarecon Bekasi. Wasn’t exactly a planned weekend getaway since the reason why we stayed there in the first place was to be able to stay close with the hospital where Bowie’s mother is treated at the moment. But I thought I might as well share you all the room where we stayed. In overall, the hotel room amenities is comfy and the selection of breakfast is well made. The price of staying here per night is about Rp745k with breakfast included. Since the Hotel is practically glued to the Mall, hence it made it easier for us to find a place to eat. HARRIS-HOTEL-ROOM1 HARRIS-HOTEL-ROOM2 HARRIS-Hotel-Panorama-Room HARRIS-Hotel-Desk-Weekend IMG_1599 IMG_1598 HARRIS-Hotel-Room-Shower HARRIS-Hotel-Swimming-Pool However, I wasn’t very pleased with the pool. Since there’s no shade thus when you decided to swim under the sun, it will definitely sting on to your skin. Even if you think sitting on the bench will be nice, still you’ll feel the burn from the sun. IMG_1631 IMG_1629 IMG_1628 IMG_1627 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1632 IMG_1630

Late Post – Fun Trip to Kidzania


Greetings! It’s been a while since I last post something here, I guess it’s been a couple of months *my bad*. But I actually have loads of story to tell, and hopefully I could schedule it for every Sunday morning at 8 AM. Yes, I am re-scheduling my blog post to Sunday morning instead of Saturday night.

So a couple of months ago me and some of the parents from Rama’s playgroup arranged a playdate to visit one of the most epic playground in Jakarta. Kidzania in Pacific Place (woohoo!!). I mean who would not know Kidzania? It’s like a dream playground for any child in the whole world, my inner child included.

We were quite lucky to find a bargain for group of visitor which they charged for discount. So for me and Rama plus his lunch box are charged for IDR 300k (feeling lucky). It was a bit confusing at first with 15 childrens and 27 adults in one group. But thankfully the head group (Chiki) was already familiar with Kidzania rules and game flow. She even provided us with Kidzania map which she got from the internet. I was a bit dissapointed though to know that Kidzania did not provide any maps for the visitor, because it was quite confusing without it.

Each of us were given a watch like hand wrist that has the children ID, package info, and time of visit. They also provide you with a bank cheque that you could use to withdraw some kidzos (the currency in Kidzania). We were granted 50 kidzos that we used some for medical checkup and driving license permit. Once Rama got the license he can then find a job and drive car (kids these days are taught to grow up faster).

Kidzania-Red-Wrist-Watch Driving-Lesson-Kidzania

The driving license test took only a few minute, we were not that lucky since the place just started to open hence the older kids hasn’t arrived yet to work at the gas station. If you were lucky, when the older kids start to work at the gas station then your kid could play a bit longer and have their car fill up.

Kidzania-License Kidzania-Driving-License-2

Eventhough Rama had already got his driving license, since it’s his first trip to Kidzania we thought it will be wise to take him on one of the easy job. We chose, construction.



Basically it’s a lego brick kind of game. And boy does my son LOVE to play lego and/or bricks. Although at first he was scared and cried a bit because he thought he will be left alone in the zone without me, but as soon as he realize that I am standing right in front of him he felt relax and was able to play with his friend.


Next stop, we tried the Sari Roti station. Here, the boys had to act as if they are working in a bread store. Although actually all they did was putting on some chocolate jam to the bread and then made some bread stamps. Hahahaha but I just love how they look cute with the apron and everything. My lil’ baker.

Kidzania-Jakarta-Playdate-Bakery2 Kidzania-Jakarta-Window-Cleaner Kidzania-Jakarta-Window-Cleaner2 Kidzania-Jakarta-Chocolate-Factory1 Kidzania-Jakarta-Chocolate-Factory2 Kidzania-Jakarta-Chocolate-Factory3

But my favourite place there had to be the SilverQueen station. Because not only the kids were able to learn how chocolate is made, they also receive their own handmade mini chunky bar chocolate. As if they just come out of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory 😀

Kidzania-Jakarta-Chunky-Bar-Chocolate Kidzania-Jakarta-Shoe Kidzania-Jakarta-Extra-Mini-Bus Kidzania-Jakarta-Bus-Trip

If you got confused with a picture of Rama brushing a shoe, that’s mine. He play the role as a shoe cleaner. Didn’t expect that it was going to be me who got cleaned. But at least now Rama know that it takes quite the effort to earn some money.

The last picture was a bit of victory moment for him. Because whenever we take a bus ride at the airport, he always asked for a stand up while holding the bar on the bus. And he never did, because of his height issue. Hence, when he saw the super tiny bus he got extremely excited and try out the bar handle. He did it! Such a victorious moment he got there.

So there you go, his first ever playdate with his classmate. Hope this won’t be the last. Where shall we go next?