Celebrating Our 6th Year Anniversary

Yesterday, six years ago, I was in a hallroom waiting eagerly while the Penghulu read through all the marriage promises for me and Bowie. Since my marriage process and reception was held in a traditional Javanese, I was kept hidden in a separate room while I wait for my queue to give Bowie my answer to his marriage request. That day I said yes. And now, we have been together for six whole year and is blessed with a wonderful child. To be fair, those six years spent together are not always goodie-toe-shoes. There are ups and down just like a hill climb or roller coaster ride. But to take this one ride with him, I choose to go there all the way.

This year he got me surprised with a flower sent to my office in regards of our anniversary. He also got me some gifts that I could wear and nourished. Yup, he got me pot of life plant for present. Hihihi, he is such a cutie.


Well, looking forward for tonight! It’s our anniversary, so I think it’s only fair if we go out and dine at a nice place with good food. Have a blast weekend!


Bowie’s Getaway to Pulau Harapan (The Island of Hope)


Last week Bowie and a few of his friend took a trip to one of the Kepulauan Seribu (a thousand island). The island that they are visiting is called Pulau Harapan or in English means the Island of Hope.

In case you are wondering if this is somekind of luxurious trip, no it isn’t. It’s actually more of a backpacker trip with standard accommodation but a lifetime experience. Bowie sure did had a lot of fun. Why do I keep on saying Bowie at this post? Because I didn’t join them on their trip. I’m not a backpacker type, especially with a four-year old son. Hmm…think I’ll leave this one for Bowie to enjoy.

So moving on, Bowie gave me some headsup about what the journey will be like and how much it cost. Thought I’d share with you all just in case there’s some reader interested on this island.

The trip starts from Muara Angke. It’s a local port for fisherman that now has develop as the local port for tourists visiting Pulau Seribu. Bowie and his friend took a two-days package to Pulau Harapan for Rp380.000/person. This package include the boat ride from Muara Angke – Pulau Harapan – Muara Angke, one night stay at the local guest house and 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If by chance you are visiting the island for more than 10 person, you’ll get a discount and will only paid Rp350.000/person.

The trip from Muara Angke to Pulau Harapan took about 3 hours boat ride. Advice, get to the port as early as possible. Because Bowie got there at 7.30 AM but still didn’t manage to ride inside the boat. Hence, he and the team had to sit on top of the boat and experience the heat for the almost 3 hours.

On their first day of excursion they were taken to three different snorkeling spot and a trip to Pulau Bulat. The snorkeling spot was okay and you get to experienced swimming and feeding small fishes while getting a hold of a starfish. Notes advice, be careful of sea urchin when swimming near the coral. There are lots of them and I can assure you that it won’t be a pleasure if you got hit by one.

Once you’re finished snorkeling around the spot the tour guide will take you for a sightseeing on Pulau Bulat. However, there is not much to see except for the sea and having some beach walk around the island.

On the second day of excursion, you’ll experienced a visit to turtle shelter and another island trip to Pulau Birah. Bowie did’nt get to go there though, because their chartered boat got a bit of technical difficulties so they had to re-route and boat around Pulau Semut instead.

By the way, if you are wondering about their accommodation, they were staying at a local house which was rented for tourist. It was decent with air condition, three bedroom, one bathroom and entertainment room. By entertainment I mean TV room which also functioned as the living room.

To wrap it up, it was a nice trip to go to if you’re one of those who love to enjoy water sport and being on an island. But if you are someone more like me, I guess it’s always better to get a heads up and be prepared for whatever is going to happen on your backpacker trip.

Happy long weekend from us!