Visiting Saung Apung for a Family Lunch Break

Nice Fish Pond
It’s been a while since our last visit to Saung Apung. The last time we came here was to celebrate Rama’s 4th birthday with some families and cousins. But here we are, again visiting Saung Apung for another relaxing break. This time we get to sit in a bungalow and right on top of the fishing pond. Rama was super excited! He can’t wait to get himself a fishing rod and catch one to take home. Here you need to pay Rp2.000 (around USD 0.15) for one pax of fish lure. Quite cheap since the pax can satisfy your fishing hunger for ages, like literally long enough to make you bored if you’re not in to fishing that much. It really depends on how you do your fishing and how patience you are waiting for your bait to get caught by the fish, rather than taken by the ducks or accidentally drop from your rod. We were all enjoyed the time spent there while watching Bowie and his father tried to catch a fish for Rama. It wasn’t easy to catch one since our bungalow spot had some un-invited visitors, Mr. and Mrs. duck.


Bowie was quite determined to catch some fish though, even my father in-law was getting in the mood and starts to tell a bit of his younger time while fishing in the sea. Teeeheee…I think he might bring Rama and Bowie to the sea if he’s still in to fishing. Thankfully he’s retired from those days and now prefer a still water like a pond which is easier and less risky than the sea. I would definitely prefer fishing in the pond. I don’t really like the idea spending the night at sea on a boat. It spooks me out.  

Fishing Pond Bungalow

By the way, you need to take off your shoes though to sit in this bungalow. My advice, keep it simple on the shoe preference. You don’t want to look silly wearing a boot that’s hard to take off and end up sitting in the corner of the bungalow with your feet lay down.

Fishing Time

Overall we were having fun at Saung Apung. Even though we didn’t catch any big fish (the only fish Bowie caught was a thumb size fish that we think will be wiser to put back in to the pond).
Hope you’ll have a blast weekend.

Horse Riding Time @ Giant Bintaro

Last weekend we went to Bintaro Sektor 9 which is a half hour trip from Jakarta. The reason why we came there is because we heard of a place for horse riding in the city. It’s not common to ride on in the city, usually you’ll have to go to Puncak or Bandung or Bogor.

So off we go for a morning trip and went to Giant parking lot in Bintaro. At first I was a bit hesitant and worried that there might not be any horse to ride *that will surely dissapoint Rama*. But once we enter the parking lot, I was in a relief. There were plenty of horse to pick. From the small one to the big one. Black, brown, white, blonde, you name it.

Since it’s Rama’s first time on horse riding, we decided to pick the little horse for him. His name is Bilal, a 3 years old horse that likes to eat grass and tofu *hmmmm*

The cost for one lap ride is Rp10.000 (less than a dollar), cheap eh? And they are open from 7am to 5pm every day. But the track is also very short. So one ride doesn’t satisfy the child curiosity and it doesn’t match the effort on getting there on the first place. We then asked the jockey to give us for another lap. My advice, if you’re thinking of trying for a ride with your child, then maybe you could negotiate with the horse jockey and ask for an hour or half an hour package. Then you’ll get a good bargain and satisfying horse ride.

Horse Riding Bintaro1 Horse Riding Bintaro 2Horse Riding Bintaro 6 Bintaro Horse Ride1 Bintaro Horse Ride 2 Bintaro Horse Ride 3 Bintaro Horse Ride 4 Bintaro Horse Ride 5

Cut The Crab

Cut The Crab

Eating at Cut The Crab

If you’re a resident of Jakarta, you’ll surely hear about this place where you can enjoy good quality of crab with a little bit of twist. Unlike any other restaurant I’ve visited, this place offered you the unique experience of having your meal laying down on your table without any plates. Yup, you read it right. They literally put your meal on the table with no plates. But beforehand they put this giant size brown paper to cover the table so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be eating anything dirty from what’s left in the table.

Also, in case you are wondering what the hell am I wearing…that is actually a bibs provided by the staff for us to use while eating. It made me feel a bit ridiculus at first, but when we start to dig in our food I feel reliefed that I’m having the bibs on. Otherwise, I’ll have my shirt all dirty from the sauce and everything. Hahahaha…not trying to be barbaric, but here in Cut the Crab that’s how you enjoy a good meal. By sipping the sauce from your table, licking your fingers and just forget about table maners for a while. But you know what? I enjoyed every single minutes while we were there. My sister, Citra, joined us for lunch and she and Bowie really love their Crab and Lobster on a table. They made it look like a small eating competition while I had to spare the piles of empty shells.

Since we are one “small” family with such a big tummy, we have ordered the free willy seafood mix which comboed with the double trouble package menu for five person which include: five bottomless ice tea (no sugar), green mussels, lobster, crab (obviously), prawn, corn, and mushroom. We also ordered the fish and chips, one serving of broccoli , original chicken wing with mineral water for Rama and five portion of steam rice. All that for only Rp698.500 (equivalent to USD 53.06).

So if you are by chance visiting Jakarta, I would like to recommend this place for you who is a free spirit and doesn’t mind having their meal on a table. Why not try visit their place at: Senopati, Jl. Cikajang No. 32, Jakarta.

Have a nice weekend.