Embracing December

It’s day 9 on December, and slowly the weather seems to get a bit chilly especially at night time. Nope, we don’t have snow here in Jakarta, but we do have loads of heavy rain.

Rama is currently in his first semester as a second year in his playground and he seems to enjoy every time he has to wake up and go to school. Just like today, even though it’s quite a challenge to wake him up in the morning but after you mentioned “go to school” he’ll slowly open his eyes and sit. Hihihihi that’s different from me, because when I was his age, I don’t recall on doing the same thing. In fact, I love to cuddle up in bed every single morning and hate it when my mom used to call me for a shower or bath.

Back to Rama, since it’s December means his birthday is coming up very soon. And as a parent, you would normally be thrilled and get a bit excited of his upcoming birthday. This year, we’ve decided to do something different. There will be two different event held in honor of his birthday. One will be held in “Saung Apung”, a Sundanese family restaurant that provide fishing service *he just LOVE to fish* with private hut (“Saung”) and big pond to fish. The second event, will be held at his school TKAI on January 10th. Yeah, it’s almost overdue but that’s the only available date we got after the semester break which actually started two days before his birthday.

This year also, Rama is involved in his birthday event by choosing his own party theme. He chose “Jake and The Neverland Pirate” theme with pirate decorations and goodiebags also cake. Now this is a challenge, since I wanted to use the service of Veracake, but apparently they don’t have any experience yet in making a Jake theme birthday cake. I haven’t actually called them, just did some pre-visit on the web and noticed that there are no Jake’s cake in the gallery or in their choice of decorations. Hopefully if I’m able to contact them today, we’ll get a good response.

Another pirate-ey theme to add up is the invitation. I browsed the other day and found one website called greetingsisland, and I found the perfect invitation card to distribute to Rama’s friend. Since I’m focussing more on the school venue, there are several things any mother/father should take note when they are going to celebrate a kid birthday event at school:

1. Baloons, quite a handful of it. Since TKAI already have weekly decoration as their background, I am more concern in putting quite a few of ballons to add the festive feeling.
2. Birthday cake and candles, that is large enough to fill those tiny tum tum and the teachers.
3. Goodiebags, to make it simple just make the same goodiebag for each kids. Doesn’t necessarily has to be different between girls and boys. This is so you can save some Rp for the cake.
4. Invitation cards.
5. Costume!! Yup, just because most of the kids who celebrate their birthday at school loves to wear costume. Like last week, the lovely girl called Andara wore Elsa from Disney Movie Frozen iconic dress. Love that ❤
6. Yellow rice ("Nasi Kuning Campur"). This is like a celebration rice with yellow colour accompanied with fried chicken, omelete, and sausages or shredded beef ("Abon"). Sorry I don't know what it's called in English.
7. Last but not least, is the birthday boy/girl gifts. Rama has been asking a lot of stuff, but I made him to choose only one in the end.

So yeah, that's about it. I don't have any picture yet to show, but when I do I will surely keep it posted.

Happy December all!



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